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Lisbeth is currently available for in-person sessions in:

 Seattle, Washington & Kitsap/Olympic Peninsula (including Kingston, Port Townsend and surrounding areas).


Now offering Healing Salons throughout the Puget Sound!!

Part wisdom circle, part group healing and part ritual, each healing salon offers the opportunity for participants to move through guided techniques for self-healing and energetic self-care that can be implemented into ongoing practice.  Those new to and curious about energy and elemental healing will gain skills and knowledge; those with experience will deepen their relationship to their healing intuition. Healing salons occur monthly and focus on a theme relevant to the seasonal rhythms as well as to the collective, such as working with the natural elements, releasing ancestral/lineage trauma, or reclaiming pleasure.

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Current Workshops— available upon request

Introduction to Self-healing with the Elements

Caring for ourselves energetically is no different from the care we take of ourselves physically and emotionally.  The same way we can brush our teeth, eat what our body needs and desires, and set boundaries for relationships that feel good, we can establish practices to help us feel liberated energetically as well as empowered against psychic violence and attack.

As a means of reclaiming our natural gifts to support ourselves energetically, the group will be guided to create a personalized self-healing care practice they can implement into their daily lives.  The prompts to support the creation of this practice will come from an exploration of our most readily available resources— the four elements of the natural world. We will share how to utilize water, air, earth and fire to cleanse and support our energy fields and subtle energy bodies.

When we engage the elements of the natural world in healing practices, we are re-awakening and reinvigorating the deeply reciprocal relationships possible as human expressions of nature.  We are able to contribute our gifts back to the earth in ways that offer supportive and reparative healing to the elements as well as ourselves.

Through wisdom-circle sharing and experiential exercises, participants will learn and explore the basics of energetic medicine along with how to apply and incorporate practices of to heal and balance their own energy bodies.  We will learn and review basic energy anatomy (chakras/aritus, auric fields, etc) and its relationship to our emotional wellness, our physical health, and our spirituality.

This workshop runs approximately 3 hours and is offered to both private groups as well as in collaboration within larger retreat settings for personal and professional development.

For deeper focus, insight and understanding of elemental healing, this workshop can be offered as a 4-part series providing in-depth focus on each element as it impacts our psyches and bodies through alchemy and mythopoetics. (See previously offered Earth Meditation Series for Women of Color as reference below).

The Fifth Element — Energy Healing for BIPOC & queer communities

What impact do violence & systems of oppression have on our energy systems?  How do we replenish the fifth element—our own unique source energy!— after suffering ongoing psychic attacks that occur through macro- and microagressions of racism, misogyny/misogynoir, and homo-/transphobia?

Building on the foundational information of Self-healing with the Elements, this workshop is solely for Black, Indigenous and People of Color and those in the queer and trans communities. It incorporates a trauma-focused approach and pays special attention to which areas of our energy bodies tend to respond most to harm from systemic oppression. This workshop or series also highlights ancestral practices of mediumship support and the channeling light and energy into our bodies for healing.


Collaborating with your Organization: Healing in the Workplace

More and more, we are seeing the positive effects of workplace cultures that support us as whole humans.  The benefits of tending to our needs for mindfulness, safe spaces for reflection and sharing, and support for our entire bodies (physical, emotional and energetic) within the places where we often spend the bulk of our time and output energy show up in increased satisfaction in our work— in stronger connections and relationships with colleagues, in reduced stress and, of course, more access to creative solutions and problem-solving.

These are positive outcomes that are especially beneficial to foster in organizations that are oriented towards activism, service and leadership in social service and social justice organizations, where energy is so consistently extended to serve others.  We all deserve replenishment and support!

Short group meditative or healing sessions, self-care workshops, and even offering brief one-on-one healing sessions, within the workplace is a worthy addition to any organization’s culture.  I have worked with several nonprofit organizations and foundations, such as Move to End Violence, LEAF Arts Educators, Black Love Convergence and Writers Corps,  to find unique ways to support workers, tailored specifically to the needs of each team. 

Contact me with questions about working with your organization!  It is amazing how a brief consultation can inspire creative ideas for self-care within the workplace.


Previous Workshops

Earth Meditation Series for Women of Color
A workshop in 4 seasons

“Walking, I can almost hear the redwoods beating….It is a world of elemental attention, of all things working together, listening to what speaks in the blood. Walking, I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands.” —Linda Hogan

When we feel our connection to the Earth as home, we have access to a profound sense of internal resource, groundedness and belonging. This can fuel and support our capacity to branch out and live empowered lives.

This workshop series is for women of color who have a curiosity and desire to reclaim, create and deepen their personal relationship to nature in a safe group setting.

Women joining the series will be empowered to: build a personal and sacred relationship to the Earth; deepen our understanding of natural cycles and how they inform us; find inspiration and support from the natural world; activate that inspiration into insight-based intentions for authentic living.

Each 3hr workshop will take place outdoors and include guided and individual meditations, as well as discussion arising from Earth itself as we explore the teachings of the elements, directions and seasons.

Workshop 1
March 7: Season: Spring; Direction: East; Element: Air
Theme: Planting seeds, Crafting intention
Location: Claremont Canyon Regional Park

Workshop 2 June (date to be determined by group): Season: Summer; Direction: South; Element: Fire
Theme: Tending to Transformation with Joy
Location: Sibley Volcanic Preserve

Workshop 3 September (Date to be determined by group): Season: Autumn; Direction: West; Element: Water
Theme: Nurturing Our Emotional lives
Location: Point Pinole Regional Park

Workshop 4 November (date tbd): Season: Winter; Direction: North; Element: Earth
Theme: Returning to Roots
Location: Redwood Regional Park

Let’s Chat! Sign up by contacting Lisbeth at (510) 520-1857 or

Contribution: $200 for full series, payable per session; $50 deposit required Includes 30min integrative coaching phone session per workshop. Participants also receive 40% off coaching and/or energy work sessions throughout the series.