How I support clients

My clients want to experience more confidence and trust in themselves and their ability to shape their lives; in making decisions and creating relationships that add to their life’s happiness.  They want to live their lives from the inside out— so that no matter what their lives look like, they feel right. Even while change can be scary and challenging, my clients are ready to value and understand themselves even more, and be a part of their own healing process.

Common challenges are feelings of being “stuck” in one or two areas of life, communication and boundary difficulties in personal and professional relationships, and self-criticism that inhibits creative expression, safe intimacy with others and a sense of fully being alive.

What sessions look like

While each session may look different, a typical  session begins with a check-in to bring mindfulness to current experiences, then moves to further exploring those experiences through the use of imagery and body awareness. We begin with grounding, breathing and other somatic exercises to be incorporated.  I encourage clients to access their own intuitive sense of what needs attention and how to best engage with those needs.

We then will spend the bulk of time engaging in sound and crystal healing, light-channeling and hands-on work. This may focus on specific chakras, ancestral/lineage healing, and trauma-recovery. The end of the session is spent in spiritual consultation mode— reviewing key elements of the session and identifying next best rituals and practices.

After a session, clients report feeling clear of blockages, balanced and recharged.  From this state, they are empowered to direct their life energy with clarity and focus.

Individual sessions are 60 minutes with a contribution of $335.

Small group sessions (max 6 people) run for 1.5 hours with a contribution of $485.  Additionally, I can provide larger group sessions in which I guide participants through self-healing techniques and meditations.  Larger group sessions are ideal for incorporating self-care into organizational or work retreats to support holistic well-being in workplace culture.

I offer distance sessions for both coaching and energy work via video counseling only at this time.  I travel frequently, however, and I am able to offer energy work in-person in your home (both individual and small group sessions) if I am in your area!  Please check my travel schedule under the Seasonal Tab and feel free to email me to set up individual or small group sessions when I am nearby.


I offer a free 20 minute initial phone consultation to answer questions and see if we may be a good fit to support your healing. I can be reached by phone at (510) 520-1857 as well as by email at

Ready to find out more? Let’s talk! Call (510) 520-1857 or email to set up a free phone consultation.