Everyone can have a purposeful life.
A fulfilling life. A beautiful & joyful life.

As an Elemental Energy Healer, my clients benefit from a personalized mix of therapeutic coaching and energy consultation that supports personal transformation. While I do not offer traditional psychotherapy, I bring my background as a licensed Marriage & Family therapist to bear as additional support in your spiritual and energetic healing. Past experiences and current challenges become opportunities to connect with a sense of wholeness, centeredness and strength. Through our work, clients gain a greater capacity to shift, change and create what is needed to live their best and most sought-after lives.

Listen to Lisbeth talk about healing here!:

Wondering if and how you may benefit? Check in and ask yourself these questions:

Are you wanting to feel more empowered, alive, and balanced in your everyday living?

Would you like to consistently feel confident and capable in navigating relationships?

Have you had difficult experiences that left you questioning your self-worth or judgement?

Have you gained insights from talk therapy and are not sure how to implement change in your life?

Do you want to create a lifestyle that contributes to your overall sense of wellbeing and fulfillment?

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