Elemental Energy Work


You can decide where and how to use your energy.

Elemental Energy Healing & Ritual

What is Elemental Energy Healing?

Elemental healing is an integrative and earth-based healing practice that focuses on identifying how our most essential energies are functioning within our lives.  Are we connected with the inspirational and freedom-tending qualities of air, so that we can vision our highest life expression?  Is the element of fire out of balance and causing irritability and tension, rather than creative mastery? Is our earth grounding us or weighing us down? Is water allowing for a flow of pleasure and abundance or are we oversaturated with grief?

It is incredibly empowering to become aware of how to harness your energy to support your life intentions. I incorporate an integrative energy healing approach in working with the elements, calling on modalities such as Kemetic Reiki (which is centered on African healing systems), chakra balancing, ancestral work, and shamanic practices to replenish & empower your physical, emotional & spiritual body. 

The goal of this work is self-empowerment. We all have the capacity to deeply heal ourselves. To that end, each session includes a ritual consultation so that you may continue to work with sacred practices that can bring you back into a state of balance and flow.


Individual sessions

Individual sessions take place via Zoom and offer an opportunity to dive deeply into specific areas of healing. Again, this includes distance energy healing— the channeling of light and healing energies into places of imbalance as well as working with ancestral guides to resolve karmic or ancestral woundings.

Individual sessions are 60 minutes with a contribution of $300. Please use the green button below to schedule individual sessions.

If you identify as PGM, as part of the queer/trans community, and/or as a healer or community supporter, please use this link to schedule a session at a sliding scale fee.


You can preview a guided Self-healing session Lisbeth recorded on behalf of Parenting for Liberation here:


Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being.

— Rumi

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