Past clients say...

I gained so much from my sessions with Lisbeth: a sense of radical acceptance and peace with the unknown, the courage to trust my intuition, and the foundation for building an ongoing relationship of self-love.

Lisbeth always feels present, she is a very engaged listener, and her feedback is always very insightful, wise, intelligent, compassionate, right on, and I never feel judged. She points me in a direction and allows me to come to a conclusion on my own, I feel seen and understood. She uses her creativity, intellect, and spirituality in her practice in a way that make sessions with her more fulfilling than ones I have had in the past with other therapists. The impact of my work with Lisbeth is that now I feel more confident, self-aware, empowered, clear-sighted, and inspired than I have ever felt.

Lisbeth helps you by showing you how to help yourself. Her work is most effective when a person is really ready to make changes and to be a part of the healing process.

I would recommend Lisbeth to anyone looking for a nurturing therapy practitioner. She has a lot of flexibility in the modalities that she offers and can move smoothly from one to another in order to respond to the clients needs. Lisbeth makes one feel at ease and heard.

I was nervous to start working with anyone — it’s a hard thing to start to do, and it takes a lot of emotional energy to really break things down and to dig up often painful memories. But it’s really centered me, and really made me understand myself — and the person I want to be — so much more. I’m so happy I worked with Lisbeth. I’ve learned to identify whenever something causes a  “traumatic response” in me. I’ve learned to be patient with myself and take my time in making decisions and figuring things out.  I’ve learned to be okay with not loving every past decision I’ve made and to FORGIVE myself for them.

[Working with Lisbeth, I’ve learned] Every presence or person I need is already in me. We’ve spent a lot of time working on self-confidence, integrity, boundaries, and trust (in self and others). I would have to say that trust is the most impactful area I’ve developed with Lisbeth, this includes trust in myself, trust in my community, and trust in my relationship to spirituality. I’ve recommended Lisbeth to friends of mine. I express how accepting Lisbeth is and how much I really trust her to be okay with all of my sides or parts, while fully supporting me in my passions and goals.