Transformative Heart Coaching

The pressures and challenges of daily living, as well as early trauma of all kinds, can sap our creative energy and quash our inspiration. We can find ourselves on the hamster wheel of survival, rather than feeling alive and thriving.

Transformative Heart Coaching is a positive, strength-based form of counseling that allows you to reclaim your capacity to create your life. The Transformative Heart approach is a hybrid of expressive arts therapy, guided imagery/hypnotherapy and body-oriented counseling focused on freeing up your creativity. It combines the active approach of coaching with the strong foundation of depth psychotherapy: not only will it empower you to take clear steps in activating change in your life, it supports you in resolving deeply rooted blocks and patterns. How you live your life is your greatest creative gesture.

If you are navigating life transitions, such as ending a relationship, moving or starting a new job, Transformative Heart Coaching can help you focus your intention to take care of what you need to come through feeling even better. If you’re mostly satisfied with life but sense there is a depth of experience you just might not be getting to, Transformative Heart Coaching offers the opportunity restore your connection with your highest core values and build a life that feels invigorating.

I am certain of nothing but the Holiness of the Heart’s affections and the Truth of the Imagination.

— John Keats

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